Nasty "Under the SM bombs"
Nasty "Under the SM bombs"

Nasty "Under the SM bombs"

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Did you miss the release of Nasty's print? We have a solution for some lucky latecomers: a tailor-made enhancement of one of the few remaining blank copies.

How it works ?

1. Review the fronts and backs you like among the 25 copies sold out

2. Proceed with the purchase of Nasty "Sous les bombes SM"

3. After payment, simply send an e-mail to, with the Nasty object "Under the SM bombs", with the number of the front (1 to 25) and the number of the back (1 25) which you would like Nasty to take inspiration from for your custom enhancement


Characteristics of the custom print thus purchased:

Double digigraphy (front + back!) On 250g premium paper

Your copy is unique and is enhanced on both sides by the artist (squeezer, aerosol spray ...)

50 x 50 cm