Behind the scenes: the origins of the creation of "Sequences" by Tanc

Galerie Démasqués is proud to announce the release of Tanc's long-awaited new hand-pulled screenprint, "Sequences", Thursday, March 23 at 4 p.m. Here is the story behind its creation.


This silkscreen is the result of the very latest artistic explorations of Tanc : a new series in which nervous and free lines overlap and merge, creating drips and controlled accidents on a multitude of fragments of paper that the artist then arranges randomly on all the walls of the studio. 


Then he then patiently recomposes, through a process of error and trial, final works of incredible visual power.⁠

Because Tanc likes large dimensions for his works, we have chosen to produce this serigraphy in largest format ever published by Galerie Démasqués, namely 70x70cm.

And because color is at the heart of his work, we have chosen to offer 12 color variants, but each of which will only be available in micro-edition of 4 copies.


Tanc "Sequences" serigraphs are only available on  



- Format 70x70 cm

- Artisanal 2-pass screen printing, hand-drawn

- 12 micro-editions of 4 copies each

- Numbered and signed by the artist on 4

- Sent in a rigid tube, with their certificate of authenticity



Born in 1979 in Paris, Tanc grew up with graffiti. He draws from this practice a conviction: art is action, and action goes beyond the result.

From the early 2000s, his work focused on the line, on immediacy, on life: his arm became an extension of his heartbeat, the jolts of his being.

Between conscious and unconscious, he has never ceased to seek the raw liveliness of street art. He thus pursues a work around abstraction through the preponderance of gestural and intuitive expression.